The Front Training Room

The Front Training Room is Salt Lake City's comprehensive training facility. With in-house Physical Therapists, professional coaches, and group fitness, we have something for every body.

Menu of Services
Movement and Technique Analysis

Ensure correct form and help prevent future injuries caused by improper movement or technique

Group Fitness Classes

Combat workout boredom and break through plateaus

Individualized Training Programs

The most efficient and effective way to improve performance

The Chalkboard
The Exercise High

By TheFTR Coach Erin Storck   What is an Exercise High? Many athlete experience a euphoric state during and/or post… Read More

How to Run Fast

By TheFTR Coach Zac Marion As an endurance coach, I’m most often asked, “How do I run faster?” It makes… Read More

Take Your Trail Running to the Next Level

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned runner, trail running requires consistent training in order to continue progressing… Read More

What is Runner’s Knee?

What is Runner’s Knee? Approximately 36 million Americans participate in running each year, with roughly 10.5 million running at least… Read More

Your Coaches
Climbing Coach
Dan Mirsky

Climbing Coach

Ultra Running Coach
Zac Marion

Ultra and Trail Running Coach

Jackie Russell

Manager/Marketing Director

Running Coach
Erin Storck

Running and Climbing Coach

Climbing Coach
Matt Fultz

Climbing Coach

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Kevin Nguyen

Strength and Conditioning Coach