Our instructors are just the right blend of passion and experience. You can expect an effective (and enjoyable!) workout, every time.

Jessie Muntz

Jessie is a high spirited individual who passionately pursue's living life fully each day.  Born and raised in Iowa, Jessie was accustomed to working hard and playing harder as a child(usually outside). In addition to her love for the outdoors, tang soo do (martial arts form) and gymnastics helped lay the foundation for her fitness passions and pursuits.

.   .   .

Jessie graduated with a degree from Iowa State University in Event Management and since then has led outdoor adventure programs across Iowa and most recently Utah! 

.   .   .

As a rock climber, runner, and water sport enthusiast, Jessie heavily focuses on core strength and flexibility. She is incredibly stoked to bring the excitement on getting strong and encouragement to be the best version of yourself.


Kim McCallum

Kim has been a dedicated rock climber for over 14 years. Since learning to climb at Smith Rock near her hometown in Oregon, she followed climbing through world travels and graduate school in Arizona to land in Utah where the weather and varied local crags make an ideal year-round playground.

.   .   .

Kim discovered Pilates to supplement climbing strength training, improve movement as well as to heal, manage and prevent climbing and other sport-related imbalances and injuries. In 2016, Kim took a step back from her career in Natural Resources to focus on movement, training and teaching Pilates. She is trained in Classical Pilates methods and is currently working toward a comprehensive Classical Pilates certification through Streamline Body Pilates. Additionally, Kim is certified through TRX to teach suspension and functional training. In addition to sport climbing, bouldering and occasional trad, Kim loves to mountain bike, trail run, mountain scramble and play outside and is passionate about spreading health and wellness!


Danielle Northrup

Danielle has been positively promoting healthy lifestyles as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and licensed rehab massage therapist  for over 35 years.

.   .   .

Danielle is currently teaching:  HIIT - high intensive interval training class, designed to increase cardio and strength training benefits, and Trigger Point Therapy, which will increase your proprioception, mind-body awareness and range of movement while helping to decrease pain so you can train without pain and have fun!


Erin Storck

Erin has lived an active life-style from a young age, always looking for new adventures to fulfill her competitive spirit.  Growing up in Kentucky, she somehow developed a passion for skiing and snowboarding at a young age, dreaming of what it would be like to ride ‘real’ mountains.  This eventually brought her to Utah where she also formed a passion for rock climbing and trail running.

.   .   .

She studied Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania where she also played varsity soccer.  Here she further developed her passion for coaching and motivating others to achieve their health and fitness goals. Through the American College of Sports Medicine she was certified as a Health Fitness Specialist.  Erin has gained much of her experience through personal training in fitness and wellness facilities both in Kentucky and Salt Lake City, as well as, though personal goals and outdoor pursuits. She has taught circuit training classes in the past where she used her constant energy to keep the class diverse and up-beat.  She looks forward to combining her passion for group fitness and mountain sports in her Mountain Fitness class!


Jazzy Hardman

Jazzy is originally from the beautiful southern Utah. She attended SU during her undergraduate studies and pursued her masters in Health Promotion and Education from the University of Utah. Jazzy has been teaching a variety of fitness classes for about three years, and has loved every minute! Jazzy currently lives in SLC with her charming husband, and is passionate about group fitness classes. She is excited to continue her quest in delivering fu, memorable and challenging fitness classes. Her certifications include:

ACE Group Fitness Instructing
Schwinn cycling
Les Mills Bodypump
University of Utah Group Fitness


Erin Butler

Erin was born and raised at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. Erin studied at Westminster where she ran cross-country, but transferred to the University of Utah to complete her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Her passion for nutrition and exercise remained a constant thread in her life, so she decided to go back to school at the Nutrition Therapist Institute in Denver, Colorado, and became a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.

.   .   .

Completing a TRX training certificate and currently wrapping up her Personal Training Certificate through ACE (American Council on Exercise), Erin’s enthusiasm for whole health drives her energy to train and coach individuals. She believes there is a fluid connection between working out and working in — flexing the mind and its internal strength. Striving to build upon individuals' physical ability and helping them achieve their performance goals, Erin’s classes will be challenging, sweaty and one hell of a good time.


Kevin Nguyen

Kevin is a Utah born native, and graduated from the University of Utah with his Bachelors in Exercise Science and minor in Nutrition. He is currently preparing to pursue his goal of becoming a Physical Therapist.

.   .   .  

Kevin is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist and experienced Strength and Conditioning coach with an extensive background in exercise programming and rehabilitation in orthopedic settings. His passion for movement is coupled with the desire to help others. He spends his other working hours building evidence-based health programming for the employees of the Salt Lake Community college that includes teaching a nationally recognized Diabetes Prevention Program and lecturing for multiple classes.

.   .   .

Between school and his two jobs, Kevin is also an active member of the Salt Lake County Search and Rescue team, conducting rescue operations to help get our injured mountain folk home safely. During his free time (when he does have some), he enjoys Utah’s beautiful outdoors on his mountain bike, eating yummy food and hanging out with his good family and friends.


Jackie Russell

Jackie is a Utah native and mountain sports lover. A "dabbler" in all things outdoors  - climbing, mountain biking, trail running, skiing - Jackie knows overall fitness is key to being able to take advantage of all the opportunities Utah mountains provide.

.  .  .

In Jackie's classes, you can expect unique, full-body movements. She focuses on single-side isolation to promote balance, and combines upper and lower body movement to target that "burns so good" feeling.  She also focuses on proper form, taking time to show you how to get the most out of every exercise. So don't be surprised if she talks, a lot.