Erin Storck

Running Coach

Erin has lived an active lifestyle from a young age, always looking for new adventures to fulfill her competitive spirit.  Growing up in Kentucky, she somehow developed a passion for skiing and snowboarding at a young age, dreaming of what it would be like to ride ‘real’ mountains.  This eventually brought her to Utah where she also formed a passion for rock climbing and trail running.

Erin studied Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where she also played varsity soccer.  Here she further developed her passion for coaching and motivating others to achieve their health and fitness goals. Through the American College of Sports Medicine she was certified as a Health Fitness Specialist.  Erin has gained much of her experience through personal training in fitness and wellness facilities both in Kentucky and Salt Lake City, as well as, though personal goals and outdoor pursuits.

Erin has recently returned to Utah after a 27 month service in Peace Corps Panama where she worked as an environmental health specialist.  Here she saw a different side of the health and fitness world but allowed her to work with indigenous youth, teaching them life skills through sport.  She had the opportunity to develop and facilitate a girls Youth, Development and Sports Camp and give rock climbing and slacklining clinics to indigenous kids who had not even heard of these sports.  This gave Erin a unique opportunity to help develop and begin to bolt a whole new rock climbing spot in Panama.  Erin is really excited to be back in Utah and be a part of the front training room team!

Zac Marion

Ultra Running Coach

Zac has been focused on endurance sports for the last 6 years. What started off as a desire to lose some extra weight has spiraled into competing at an elite level as a Mountain Ultra Trail (MUT) runner. After losing close to 90lbs and having fun with marathons, he ran out of road and found the beauty of the trails in the Wasatch mountains. His excitable nature and desire to explore both the trails and his limits have led to winning races ranging from 50k to 100 miles across Utah, Colorado and Arizona.

His pursuits in a doctorate degree in physical therapy and an undergraduate focus on exercise science have shaped his biomechanical focus and his overall training knowledge and theory. He has trained athletes ranging from world-class elite to 5k beginners and produced results with all of them. The inspiration he draws from his athletes succeeding and reaching new limits is what fulfills his desires to coach.

Coming from southern and northern Utah, with few years in-between in California, he calls Salt Lake City his home and loves the access to the mountains. Originally brought here for school, Zac doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. When he’s not racing, training or coaching then he’s probably got his face in a textbook prepping for an exam or up in the mountains living in his van, Large Marge.

India Meyer

India grew up in Massachusetts and found her way to Salt Lake City in the spring of 2017 after a west coast road trip landed her in Utah. Her love of the outdoors began when she started climbing at age 15. Since then, both her personal and professional life have been devoted to the intersection of health, fitness and the outdoors. 

For the last five years, India worked as a trainer and coach at a climbing gym in Massachusetts, where she helped athletes of all kinds achieve their fitness goals. She is a graduate of an intensive Outdoor Leadership certificate program and is a certified guide in climbing, whitewater canoeing and coastal kayaking. She is currently finishing up her schooling to become a certified Personal Trainer through ACSM. In addition to her work as a trainer, India is a certified EMT and Wilderness First Responder and has spent the last two years working as a firefighter.

From her vast experience coaching athletes, to her many logged hours exploring the outdoors, India is looking forward to bringing her knowledge to the Front Training Room.

Dan Mirsky

Dan is a 34-year-old New Yorker who got stuck in Colorado 13 years ago and most recently has found himself in Salt Lake City. He started getting serious about climbing when he first moved to Colorado to attend The Colorado College in 2001. Since graduating CC in 2005 he has organized his life around climbing and has lived, travelled and climbed all over the US and abroad. Dan feels most at home when he is in Rifle Mountain Park where he has been climbing for the last 10 years. Despite having done over 95 percent of the routes in Rifle he has no plans to ever stop. If you see him there feel free to say hi and ask for him for beta on anything.


Through his extensive travels in the US, 30+ 5.14 Redpoints and 100’s of days projecting hard sport routes Dan has become one of the more accomplished sport climbers in the country.

After over 12 years of hard climbing Dan still has the enthusiasm and love for climbing that he did when he first started. He is continually trying to improve and is always excited to learn from, and share with, other people who have a passion for climbing.

In the last two years, Dan’s dedication to his own training has turned into an interest in passion for coaching others. The countless hours he has spent trying to improve his own climbing, strength, confidence and mental approach have amounted to a knowledge base that he now applies successfully to helping climbers at all ability levels improve their own climbing. Most recently Dan has started working as a climbing trainer/coach at The Training Room at the Front Climbing Gym in SLC.

Chris Call

Chris has been climbing for more than 15 years with a primary focus on sport climbing and bouldering. Throughout the years he has coached youth climbing at the competition level and trained national caliber athletes. Chris was an instructor for the Rock Climbing I course for Salt Lake Community College and founded an adaptive climbing program for amputees and athletes with neurologic/ physical deficits. Outside of climbing, Chris worked as a health and wellness coach, educating participants about fitness and nutrition while helping them create a plan to reach fitness and nutritional goals.

.   .   .

Chris has a love for teaching and helping athletes meet their fitness goals weather it’s climbing or any other mountain sport. Through his passion for human movement and biomechanics, Chris is currently pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Utah. Chris has vast experience in teaching and coaching at all levels and is excited to be a part of the coaching team at The Front Training Room.

Tristan Mayfield

Tristan is a native of Texas. He moved to Utah for school, and upon realizing how much better it is to live near mountains, decided to stay. He competed in distance running and martial arts for over a decade, with a little climbing whenever he could get to the gym or crag in Texas.

.   .   .

Tristan's running career took him all the way to competing in Division in collegiate Cross Country and Track. After a year, however, he realized his heart wasn’t into competition anymore and he gave into his real passion for adventuring in the hills. Tristan is now an all around climber that will wrestle pebbles, clip bolts, plug gear, or suffer up an icy peak all in the name of adventure.

.   .   .

The lack of competition in Tristan’s life did not slow his enthusiasm for training, and he has spent countless hours reading about training for climbing, thinking about experimental approaches toward training, going on adventures, and helping others reach their goals. He is highly interested in research and collaboration and works to innovate new and more effective ways to improve at climbing.

.   .   .

Because of his degree in Neuroscience, Tristan has an in-depth understanding of human physiology and the scientific method. He also enjoys applying academic rigor to training and charting progression within training to better understand how the body responds to given stimuli. Because of his years of running, martial arts, and climbing, he has a strong and well-rounded approach to his coaching.

.   .   .

Whether you want to thrutch up sandy cracks, adventure up a sea of granite, or debate the finer points of training for climbing, you couldn’t find anyone better than Tristan to do it with.

Jackie Russell

Jackie is the manager of The Front Training Room, led here by her personal interest in mountain sports and training. Jackie can be contacted with questions about TheFTR offerings, as well as any membership or billing questions.

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