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Athlete Spotlight

Did you send your project, do well in your race, PR, or otherwise smash your goals? Let us know! We are all in this together, so let's keep each other motivated by sharing our successes!

"Finally sent my first 5.12!!! Sooo happy to finally put this one to rest. Thanks The Front Training Room and Nate Ando for kicking my butt this summer to get into shape!"
"The Front Training Room has played a huge part in both rehabbing my injured shoulder as well as helping me focus on a full body training program to take my climbing to the next level." We are so stoked on this athlete's progress and can't wait to see where his training will take him. 
Climbing Clinic
FTR Athlete climbing one of his hardest routes to date. "You could not be giving me a more perfect program from my perspective." Congrats, and keep up the hard work!

Athlete Jackie running the 2016 Wahsatch Steeplechase. This was her hardest and longest race to date, and she placed 8th in women. PC@SpongeAAMP